Corporal Acts of Kindness for Two Potty Mouths

Lucas and Jacob praying for Victor

I heard my grandsons Lucas and Jacob arguing over sidewalk chalk. First came the destruction of the artwork, then the face-off. Lucas got in his younger brother’s face and called him an S.O.B, before I could make it the the door Jacob’s reply was “No! you’re the S.O.B.!” I ran out screaming “What did you say?” I was so upset screaming and yelling, that I restricted them from everything possible. I’m not that grandma that says, not my grandsons, they are boys and they pick up garbage from everywhere. I called both parents to report the incident and Russ, their father, asked Luke, “Where did you learn that?” Lucas’s honest answer was, “From you Dad.”  It seemed that earlier in the week, there was a minor road rage exchange in which the foul words were used.

  • Jacob’s drawing: You are nice
    Lucas’s drawing: God passes by you don’t be sad

    I told the boys that they had to do something kind for using bad words. We made sandwiches for a picnic and packed two extra lunches for the homeless. The boy drew pictures and we placed them in the lunch bags, then we headed to Hart Park. Lucas and Jacob handed out the two lunches. One man, Victor, was so touched with the kind act that he asked the boys to pray for him because he was an addict. Lucas asked me, “Grandma, why was Victor crying?” I told him that he was overcome with joy because we made him a lunch and showed him love.


  • Jacob, William, Lucas, Russ and Kent
    Russ, Carmelita, Natalie, Kent and Me

    We had our ministry to the homeless this past Saturday. All went well on Friday with the production of the sandwich making. My grandsons helped with packing cookies for the homeless. William kept us entertained with his jokes like “Your mother is so ugly that she made a blind kid cry.”  Mike picked up the boys but Russ stayed the entire time to make and pack the lunches.

Johnny #1
Me, Johnny #2 and Gary

We met two Johnnys, Johnny #1 was so precious and loving, and I know that he is just transitioning and will not be on Skid Row for long. Johnny #2 was different, I talked to him and asked him how he ended up on Skid Row. He answered, “Do you want to know the truth?” “Yes,” I told him, and he said that the was selling drugs. I asked him how that was going. He said that he was just existing. I asked him if he wanted to live rather than just exist. I prayed for him and learned that both of his parents were deceased. He said he was all alone. I told him that God is his father and that Mary was his mother. We prayed for him to be delivered of his addictions. Johnny #2 humbly received the prayer.

As we were making our way down San Pedro, we encountered an evil spirit from the pit of Hell. I was about to pray for a young man when the diablo crudely interrupted me and demanded for me to pray somewhere else. I nodded my head yes and moved so as not to disturb the evil spirit. The man kept yelling obscenities and told us to stop feeding them food that we would not eat. The abomination continued with the possessed man yelling that he wanted fried chicken not this white food. He wanted corn bread and strawberry Kool-Aid. The verbal abuse was intended to break us but we were unscathed. We needed to return to our vehicles and I asked the team if they were okay with us going back the same way that might entice the diabolical man. We were all fine with going back the way we came, but the Devil was not happy about this, and again the sight of us agitated the demons as his mouth spewed vulgarity just like before.

I thank God for all the help and know that the Lord will bless everyone who participated.

Proverbs 28:27New International Version (NIV)

27 Those who give to the poor will lack nothing,
    but those who close their eyes to them receive many curses.



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