God Imparts Dreams

Jacob’s dream (Genesis 28:10-17)

God communicates to us in dreams. This is another way He uses to get our attention.


Joseph’s dream (Genesis 37:5-10)

It’s In The Bible

The Bible speaks of dreams from Genesis to Revelation, and today God is pouring out messages to His people in dreams. Dreams are used to direct us, affirm us, to help us make decisions, and to warn us against impending dangers.

Journaling Dreams

Dreams are symbolic, and many times they are literal. Everyone dreams, but most of you do not remember your dreams because you do not journal them. I have a journal on my nightstand for this purpose. Upon  receiving a dream you must journal it, because remembering every detail is very important. Colors, numbers, animals, and people in your dreams – all represent some type of hidden message.

Scripture In Dreams

I once had a dream, but the only thing I could remember was that Proverbs 21 was written on my right hand (right hand means blessings). The interesting thing about this is when I looked up Proverbs 21 this is how it reads:

The Dream

I was at college sitting in the front row. We had an assignment to write a story. As I started my story my sister Norma came into the picture. This caused me to become disoriented and I went back to my class, but  could not find my purse or assignment. I was wearing a white top, white pants, and a beautiful yellow shawl with one white stripe. I looked but I could not find my belongings. As I went down the hall my instructor tried to introduce me to Sherry, who was mean to me. She angrily said, “We have already met!” I went back to the room and all my things had been recovered. Mike (my husband) was getting all my personal things together, like my backpack. He was looking out for me. My sister Jo appeared, and I followed her to a deserted area. She walked into an abandoned building. I followed her and an Asian man attacked me. I tried to yell for help, but the dream ended.

My Interpretation

College – Place of higher learning (Godly)

Front row – Good student/wanting to learn

Assignment – Commission

Write a Story – Creativity

Norma- Sister/ close family member

Disoriented – Lost my way

Go Back – Recover

Purse and assignment missing –    Loss of Identity/commission lost

Wearing White – Purity/holiness

Yellow shawl – Yellow is a warning color;  coward, fear/ it could also mean hope

One white stripe – Little holiness

Hall – Passageway

Instructor – Teacher

Sherry – In real life, she is an acquaintance who practices astrology

Things recovered – Bring back

Mike –  Husband/Jesus Christ

Backpack – God has my back

Sister Jo – Sister/family member

Deserted Area – Left alone

Abandoned building – Wanting to be alone

Asian Man- A foreign evil spirit

This dream was about my spiritual growth  in the Lord. I received an assignment to write a story but I got distracted by Norma (a family member). I realize that I had lost my way, so when I went back, my personal belongings were missing. I am wearing white, which represents righteousness/holiness. The yellow shawl indicates that my outer garment (me on the outside) was not right, as yellow is a warning color, but the one white stripe indicates that there is hope for restoration.

I was passing through spiritually (the hall) and the instructor wanted to introduce me to a woman who practices astrology; she does not agree with my beliefs, so she is mean to me. (In real life Sherry practices astrology). When Sherry says “We have already met,” it means that I used to read my horoscope. Things are uncovered that were lost. Mike/husband/Jesus has my back (backpack). I am concerned about Jo (a family member) so I follow her, but she wants to be left alone. The Asian man represents a foreign evil spirit, one unfamiliar to me. My two sisters in my dream indicate a great concern for my family; for one family member I drop what I am doing, and for the other I’m concerned about their direction. This was a warning for me not to get so caught up in personal family matters but to remain steadfast and holy.

Do not take dreams lightly, as you may be passing up a prophetic message from God. Most prophetic dreams happen in the early morning, right before you wake up!

Joel 2:28

28 “And afterward,
    I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
    your old men will dream dreams,
    your young men will see visions.

Most Recent Dream, January 11, 2024

The Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy produced a documentary, but before showing it to the world he went to my friend’s service. He shares the documentary to my friend who is a pastor. After sharing the documentary, the pastor goes on to share it on national news. I see my friend’s mother, and she is praying for him.

My Interpretation

Kevin McCarthy – Represents God

The document – A message from God

The document is scriptural

God sharing it with the pastor – It is a private message from God

Sharing it on national news – With the help of God, the message will reach many

His mother praying – His mother is interceding on behalf of her son from heaven

The Speaker of the House represents God, and whatever the documentary is, my friend, a pastor who runs an international ministry, will know about it first.  Before the message gets out, the Speaker of the House gives my friend favor. The last part of the dream is about his mother, who is in heaven praying for him.

Sharing Your Dreams

When I called my friend with the news of the dream, he was so excited because he had been studying from the Book of Habakkuk and asking for a Word from God. The pastor’s mother had recently passed. He mentioned to me that  he had been waiting for a sign from heaven to know that his mother was interceding for him.

God’s Outreach

Did you know that through dreams many lost souls will be saved, that people will be directed into doing the right thing? Equally important is the fact that when we have something that needs solving and are  fixated on the problem, we take it to our sleep. There the Lord will give you instructions on how to deal with a personal relationship, solve a difficult situation like repairing something or solving a math equation.  God wants us to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

If you have a recurring dream it may be a confirmation from God to pay close attention to the dream. Always pray and ask God for the interpretation, taking into account that He will see you through this quandary.

My Prayer

Lord,  I thank You for the gift of dreams. I pray that You would pour out Your Spirit on those who do not believe in You. Speak to them in dreams, wake them from their spiritual slumber, lead them to touch the tassel of Your cloak. Amen.


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