Wake Up Call

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I’m a normal American wife, mother, and grandmother who is scared for the future of our country.  You will never see me post anything on social media that is offensive, because you can’t win people over with hate.  I have quietly unfollowed several friends and family members who continually bombard their space with controversial, disrespectful and demeaning information about the candidates running for president. One pattern that I found in these postings is the anger that is attached to their beliefs. This unfiltered anger goes a lot deeper than they realize.

White Privilege

It’s painful to watch white people being so degraded that they are being shamed for being born white. No one should be behaving in this manner or apologizing for something that they had no responsibility for. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have made themselves a goose down bed and have comfortably become one. Antifa has its roots dug deep in the hearts of white college students being taught to hate our country and the color of their skin. It is these white students who should hold the infamous title of “white privilege.” Their parents have paid an average of $50,000 for their education, and they have repaid them with the hatred that they learned in their Ivy League colleges.  I am so tired of seeing this scene played out in the news. We have so many forces allied against us, so I am praying that all my grandchildren attend Christian colleges that are grounded in truth and not based on Cancel Culture.


Do you realize how many so-called celebrities donated to the “freedom fund?” Do you know what the freedom fund is? This was funding to bail the rioters and looters out of jail. Chrissy Teigen generously donated $200,000 to help the looters in Los Angeles get a free pass. It would take too much time and effort to name all the Hollywood elite who have contributed millions to bring our country down.  Kamala Harris posted on her Twitter account information to help with the funding. And she’s is running for Vice-President? How can people not open their eyes to what is happening? Are they blind to the truth? Hollywood has to protect all the filth they put out, so they need the help of politicians to continue to corrupt the masses. There are only a small handful of faith-filled actors who still believe in the truth in this unscrupulous, exploitative culture of Hollywood. They are not alone because, though we may not be carrying signs in support of our Christian faith, we are many.

To The Sleeping Christians

I was once a liberal in every sense, but this led me to irresponsible thinking. My thoughts were not Christ-centered; I only thought about myself. I had the mindset to save the world by being vocal and making sure that what I had to say was heard. If you did not side with me, then you were mistaken, and it was my duty to make you think as I thought. That did not go over well, and I learned a hard lesson in life: the only thing you can change is yourself. Slowly my walk with God became the focus of who I am becoming today. The media is behind all this radical chaos. This is how it works: if you keep hearing the same thing over and over again, your mind starts to believe it. For instance, you may tell your child everyday, “You are stupid, and you will never amount to anything!” What is the child going to believe? Please! I’m begging you from one Christian to another! Stop believing the lies the media is feeding you. This is what is destroying our country! If you really believe in God, do what is right in His eyes. The Bible teaches us how to be good citizens, God wants the nuclear family protected. God wants us to follow the Ten Commandments. Serve only one God, don’t use the Lord’s name in vain,  go to church, honor your mother and father, don’t kill, don’t cheat on your spouse, don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t take things that do not belong to you. How hard is that?

A Mind of Your Own

Just because your parents were of a certain political group does not mean you are bound to follow them. Things have radically changed and Christians need to come together and do the right thing. I vote Pro-Life because I follow God’s Ten Commandments. I recently read a post about minimizing the killing of babies through abortion. It was addressed to Christians, making them feel that it was perfectly acceptable to kill the unborn. “If all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed…That’s not pro-life. That’s pro-birth.” This quote was by none other than the radical, feminist  nun, Joan Chittister, who did a play with words by changing pro-life to pro-birth. Pro-Birth? What this radical feminist is leaving out, there is no birth because she is making it acceptable to kill the unborn.  This nun is among the shameful, secular religious who use God to quote the Devil. Yes, I am afraid that there are still many wolves in sheep’s clothing among us Christians, but we serve a God Who will expose all. I pray that all Christians who are misguided will have a great awakening before it’s too late. I was liberal because I was raised that way. God changed who I was so that I can hold that lamp for those who seek the truth. To God ALL lives matter!

The Unborn

We never gave them a chance to live. Among them were the climatologist who would develop new ways of slowing climate change. Among them were the great physicians who could have found the cure for cancer. Among them were the great college professors, who care about teaching the truth and not rewriting history. Among them were the fathers of the fatherless, willing to raise their children. Among them were the true religious anointed to lead the lost. Among them were the peacemakers who would have brought us out of this mess. Among them were the senators, governors, and future presidents. Among them were the ones who could have created a vaccine to stop the spread of COVID-19.

I have mentioned this statistic in a past Blog. African Americans represent only 13.3% of the American population; yet more black babies are aborted than any other race. 36% of all abortions are by black women. The number one killer of black lives in the United States is  Planned Parenthood through its legally sanctioned abortions. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  state that abortions kill more black people than HIV, homicide, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. So why is Black Lives Matter aligning themselves with Plannned Parenthood? Because to them not all black lives matter. According to a study by Protecting Black Lives, 79 percent of surgical abortion clinics are located within walking distance of minority communities. Instead of  donations to Black Lives Matter, donations should be made to Protecting Black Lives because this organization works to protect black lives.


Seek the counsel of God

My Prayer

Dear Lord, unite us to become a force to protect all lives. I pray for the revelation of Your truth to guide us always. Lord, let all evil be exposed. Shed Your light upon those who struggle making important, life-changing decisions. Amen.

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