You Cannot Serve Two Gods

Every Democrat voted against Sen. Rand Paul’s amendment to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood, Sen. Paul explains that Plan Parenthood’s abortion business “ends the lives of 320,000 babies every year. That’s about 900 babies every day.” (Article from the Washington Examiner, April 23, 2018)

Our beautiful grandson Wil born a preemie, fighting for his life
Our perfect Wil today reported that Planned Parenthood received more than $543 million in fiscal year 2016-2017. The site added, “It is forbidden from spending that money directly on most abortions, but pro-lifers warn that subsidies earmarked for non-abortion purposes ultimately enable abortion groups to commit more abortions by freeing up money from their other revenue services. Duke University healthcare analyst Chris Conover estimates that taxpayers end up covering almost 25 percent of all abortion costs.”

With the recent action of the most vile Governor Cuomo from New York to make into law that you can murder a full term baby after delivery, the newborn is like a sacrifice unto the demons from Hell. How did this pass our closed eyes? How In God’s name did this monster get elected into office? And how many Catholics/Christians voted for him?

Clichés are a simple way to back out of uncomfortable conversation, like “To each his own.” But it’s the ignorance of not knowing the truth that will not only hurt you but also those around you. Abortion is a subject of which I have great personal passion. I always vote pro-life, and the rest I leave to God. There are very few Democratic politicians that are pro-life, but yet there are almost half of Catholics that support these politicians, and many Christians follow the same suit.

To God, there is nothing more appalling than a lukewarm Christian. Making the sign of the Cross and receiving Communion does not mean you serve God! What God asks of us is to defend the rights of the unborn, but many lukewarm Catholics are too caught up in defending the welfare of the poor, and being swayed by the liberal media. When will the Catholic Church wake up? We must realize that only if we are in unity can we battle these fiery darts that the enemy has so gently cozied into the spirits of these lethargic Catholics and Christians.

How can we unite if half of us are lost because some of the shepherds have lost their way? It is unfathomable to believe that some priests, bishops, and pastors are behind this effort. How can the lay people be led if the leaders are not sure of the right path? We are to be winning souls, but how can we if there is such division within our Church? How do these politicians get away with their sinful acts, and still attend Mass, and have the shameful audacity to take Communion? I am not God, but I almost guarantee that their sins are not absolved, because they go back and commit the same offenses against God.

This infuriates me to the point of taking issue with even the popular Cardinal Dolan, of New York. He refuses to excommunicate Governor Cuomo because of stipulations in canon law. Dear Cardinal Dolan, the canon law of the Catholic Church is not the Bible, and you did not properly represent your people; your actions make many question their faith, and the refusal to excommunicate Governor Cuomo misrepresents our Church’s core beliefs. Doesn’t the Catholic Church have enough problems already? Dear God help us!

Now I ask the 40% of Catholics that are supporting the dark side: If it is not about life and love, then what is your walk about? How do you pray knowing that you support this evil? How do you dismiss this heinous act and not make it a priority in your decision when it comes to voting?

I am a Catholic and will remain in my faith, and I will fight to the end to clean up our Church.

Yes, you can came back at me about President Trump, and calling out all his past and present sins, but please take into account that he is an outspoken pro-life president. To me that matters, because he has the interest of God in doing what is right.

I wrote and copyrighted this song a few years ago:

The Door

I still quite don’t understand

The mother of all nature cries out because she can

Who will hear the thunder of the voices not allowed to speak?

Who will rise up for all the strong, the young, and old, and weak?

They are all abandoned to the ways of not

What was good was soon to be forgot

They look the wrong direction seeking trust

Where can they turn in a world of lust?

Pound the doors of Heaven when you sin 

Then you go back and do it all again

What do people tell you when you look for good advice?

Does it really matter in this place unsupervised?

Oh the lost soul, the lost hope

Pound the doors of Heaven when you sin

Then you go back and do it all again

The innocent delight in the attention of the present light 

Who will hold you to it when you cannot even fight?

Pound the doors of Heaven when you sin

Then you go back and do it all again

In the world of plenty much is given to the lost

Who will they remember when looking in despair?

What a world we live in in need of great repair!

Pound the doors of Heaven when you sin

Then you go back and do it all again.

© Lynda Ciriza



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