Meet the Team

They call themselves Kristofori, they are young and are making a mark in their country for Christ. As their guest we have been treated with a different level of hospitality, an indescribable love.image
The musicians have recorded several CD’s and their voices command reverance to bring  down the  presence of  God. They are holy and operate in unity, they know their place in God and sing the entire time we are praying for the people. These prayer session can last more than two hours but the songs are as fresh as first one; praise and worship at its finest.

Danijel Katanovic is in charge of this fast growing movement that originally started with Josip Loncar who has moved to a bigger calling of God.

We followed the same  protocol as the previous nights with Joanne’s teaching on understanding your purpose and calling.

We sang and then prayed for everyone in the crowd, every single person came up for prayer. Magdalena, my interpreter and Darko were a great team. I counseled and prayed for everyone that the Lord sent my way.image

It was midnight by the time we were urged to leave. We settled for a familiar dinner at McDonald’s but here the burgers Are tastier. The reason being is that this country is free of genetic altering. The watermelon that I had for breakfast had good old fashion seeds, the grapes are sweet and also have seeds. Oh what a  laborious task to remove the seeds but the flavor is much richer and  healthier for you. Most of the people we met have their own vegetable garden and our hotel serves only fresh picked goods.

The Crotians love the letters “K,” “J”and “H” and are over zealous with accents marks. The only names that I recall are short familiar ones like, Anna or Mimka or Milka other than that their names are way too long but have a beautiful sound. They are not part of the European Union yet, they have the kuna which yields 6 kuna to every dollar.


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