Zero Star Hotel

November 14, 2012

We needed two jeeps to transport us five hours to the Tibet Border for our three day excursion up the Himalayan Mountains to minister to over 25 pastor and their families. We pay for a drivers to take us up one way and pray that there will be drivers and vehicles available to bring us back down, no Hertz reservations here, just trusting God. Our driver did not speak a lick of English and though a seasoned coachman he only passed buses on dangerous curbs filled with passengers traveling with goats and chicken, every inch of these buses was used including the top luggage rack for added travelers . We came across so many natural waterfalls, rivers and clusters of living quarters just feet away from the main thoroughfare.

Brian, our host pastor had informed us the we would be staying in a Zero Star Hotel; I thought to myself kinda like camping? Once we arrived and got situated; Brian was right, no towels, no toilet paper, bucket flush latrine windows without screens but the best part was that our room was equipped with a pad lock on the outside of our door. We were accommodated with one pair of communal flip flops because of the wet floors in the bathroom. At night it got much colder, we slept in turtle neck and used our heavy coats as extra blankets. The Bhotehoshi River changed tunes in the evening to an air conditioner in need of repair. The perfectly pitched  morning birds accompanied by natures guitars serenaded us with sweet songs that can only be found on God’s play list.

Joanne, our director informed us that we were going to treat the pastors and their families to every meal. I asked how much it was going to cost and the answer was “Don’t worry about it, God would provide.” We took an offering within our group and we paid for the meals; this would not be my the last lesson in humility.

Pastor Indra and his wife Jyoti

Before our meetings my roommate, Alida and I decided to take in the scenery. For a stipend we visited Tatopani Hot Water Springs; we walked along the noisy Bhotehoshi River and took several picture, we were lost in a paradise that heighten most of my senses. Back at the Zero Star Hotel the rest of the team was in prayer preparing for the meetings. As we made our way back, I cracked the door open to the wide eyed group waiting for an explanation. Highly convicted  I apologized for my worldly desires and a stern reprimand followed; I ordered a bigger slice of humble pie for lunch.

It is here that I met sweet  life long friends, our interrupter Bigyang, Pastor Indra and his wife Jyoti Shrestha. Pastor Indra and Jyoti run an orphanage in this region and responsible for a church as well. Bigyang is a pastor that travels village to village sharing the “Good News” to remote villages, remote is an understatement, on foot with little provisions he and his team travers this majestic range and like our postman, rain or shine they deliver.

Our sessions are powerful and much encouragement and faith was poured forth, with each person receiving prayer. These people were precious and wanted us to stay longer, we promised to return soon.

Many of the Tibet Border people lost love ones with the 7.9 earthquake in April 2015, villages completely destroyed by boulders and mudslides and what the great tremor did not annihilate the Bhotehoshi River came back to finish the job this summer. Some of these people have no means to move to Kathmandu and suffer the consequences of living in paradoxical paradise.

After losing their home and  the orphanage Pastor Indra and Jyoti were forced to move to Kathmandu and are still struggling to maintain a normal life.

The road that we took is almost completely impassable so it on foot that these pastors make their way up the the monster mountain for they have God’s work to do. The river took most of their electrical power and they need generators to survive, if you have it in your heart to donate please let me know.

DSC01781 (1)
Bigyang, our interpreter

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