The St. Anthony Experience

imageVoloder is a city not far Zagreb, about 45 minute drive.

St. Anthony church is rich in character with great  acoustics, the pews are covered with red velvet  cushions and the saints gather together to share the wall space.
The service started with the rosary followed by the all girls choir, so sweet the sound of these young ladies.Our team leader Linda, from Northern California preached before the Mass.

Linda and Marko, the interpreter
Linda and Marko, the interpreter

Linda’s message was on the spirit of fear, she sited Eph 6:10-12; 1 Cor 9:26; Luke 10:19. Fear is a spirit that once it gets ahold of your thoughts, it takes control, we have  authority to cast this down. Fear has many attachments and it will rob you of your peace and keep you in bondage

The Mass was packed, with standing room only, again the music set the tone for the service, festive yet soft and traditional. Father Nikola must have given a great homily because all eyes were  fixated  on him.

Sister Ivanka and me

After Mass, just like the night before we pray for every person there. I was  privileged to pray for Sister Ivanka, a spirit filled nun.We were then treated to the most delicious dinner at the rectory with Father Nikola hosting. The breaking of bread did not disappoint. Father had shot glasses of a strong drink and for some reason unbeknown to me I drank one. The liquor passed through my body, alerting every area it encountered and settled in my belly like a hot ball of wax, a loud unladylike cough followed.

Father Nikola has a cat and just like my husband kiddingly wishes it dead.image

Father Nikola (standing) Crotian and California team

It is now 3:00 AM , so good night or good morning.

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