Opening The Door To Satan

As grown as I am in the Lord, Satan knows how to sneak into the back door and caused havoc.

When we have our guard down and emotions are raw, we are vulnerable and unknowingly welcome the Enemy. With emotions out of control there is little room for reason; without a sound mind, anger creeps in. I fell into the pit of anger and the outcome was not pleasant. I was triggered by something that was said about me, I held on to those words for two days, and, as the anger was stewing, I justified the fury. I gave access to the Enemy because I was blindsided by a trigger. I allowed the sun to go down on my anger.

A Lesson Learned

After much prayer and receiving Holy Communion I was freed of all the malice.  I know that anger is not of God and that it will only exacerbate the problem.  There are many ways to communicate to let your feelings be known. It how we choose our words that make all the difference. A screaming, yelling person will never get the correct response. It is through gentle words that a problem can be soothed.

Let’s face it: we all have triggers. A trigger is anything that provokes an unpleasant memory:  a smell, a particular time of day, a sound, a person  or  place. These triggers occur because we are not  healed of emotional traumas. They can go deep into our psyche and surface when we least expect them.

I have a wonderful friend who recently divorced. Since the divorce she has become hypersensitive to any criticism because her husband was verbally abusive. She is still the happy-go-lucky person but if someone raised his voice when speaking to her, the countenance of her face changes. You can feel the sadness come over her.

Why her? She is a strong Christian woman, and this was out of  character for her. At the time she married, she was taking care of her elderly mother and also brought her brother from out of state to live near her. After her mother’s passing, her brother needed to be placed in assisted living due to his declining health. She was stretched too thin and her then husband did not understand her situation and showed very little compassion. Though she was married, she was alone in her everyday needs. This is traumatic because her helpmate failed to support her emotional needs.

Physical Abuse

If you were a victim of physical abuse, unless you get professional help or have been delivered of this pain, anything associated with this type of abuse will provoke a bad memory. If you are not equipped to pray, you will spiral into the plan of the Enemy and feel the pain anew. Physical abuse leaves emotional scars, and, though I am not an expert, this is a curse that passes down to the next generation. A  generational curse is like the bad root in a family tree. The only way to rid yourself of a generational curse is through prayer or Christian counseling or both.

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