Turning Seventy

I recently celebrated my seventieth birthday. It’s a milestone to enter into this decade; I’m either going to go full force or start winding down. One thing is certain: I have stepped up my exercising and am walking up to six miles a day. No one is more surprised than me with this change. I had to take control of certain health issues.

Saying “No” To Diabetes

Last year I had blood test that indicated my hemoglobin ALC was too high. The doctor gave me three months to get this under control. Out of fear, I canceled the follow-up appointment. The last thing I wanted to do was to go on diabetic medication. In the back of my head, I kept hearing the doctor’s voice, “If you don’t get this down, you’re not only going to be on diabetes medication but heart medication as well.”  I changed my eating somewhat,  but what I changed most was taking a brisk walk after dinner.

It took me six months to finally make another appointment with my primary care physician.   I was scared straight but my hemoglobin ALC was greatly improved. I praise God for this great news, no medication needed!

The Incentive

I’ve had a Fitbit for as long as I can remember; owning one of the original Fitbit trackers was the start of this journey. I compete with a group of  friends, and this summer I have blown them all out of the water with my sarcastic remarks and staying on top of the leaderboard. We give each other an incentive because we all work toward the same goal.  In order for me to keep the diabetes thing at bay, I must continue my walking. I also started to accompany my friend Helen to Pilates. I love this workout because it’s low impact. I call Pilates a workout for ladies because you don’t really work up a sweat but you know that what your doing is helping so many areas of your body. Since I don’t know my right from my left, our Pilates instructor, Dori, graciously announces, “Turn toward the front door, or face the mirrors.” I have trouble mounting different equipment; maybe one day I’ll get this Pilates under control, but in the meantime all we do is laugh at my antics.

My birthday celebration with my family

Walking with my daughter Sonja is delightful. We always walk past a neighbor of hers who has the most beautiful scented garden. I never ask for tomatoes, but pray that when we pass she will be outside tending to her garden. “Do you guys need tomatoes?” My response is always a resounding. “Yes!” Luckily, Sonja can’t eat tomatoes so sharing is not necessary. Sonja complains and tells me that I keep her as a prisoner, forcing her to walk with me. That may be partly true because where she lives is a beautiful walking path and one of my favorite places to walk.

Watching Your Step

After my botched toe surgery, I have a tendency to limp. Sometimes I catch myself right before I fall. A slightly uneven sidewalk or a pebble on the path could bring me down for the count. Last week I called several prayer warriors to come alongside me in prayer for a person with an urgent need. As soon as I got off the phone, I took one step and came crashing down. My left knee and right wrist took the full impact of the fall. I was in the backyard and I could have gotten up, but I guess I wanted to add drama to the fall. I had my cellphone so I called Mike, but it went to his voice mail. Then I called my grandson, Jacob (Cubby) and all he said was, “I’m coming grandma!” Mike came through the kitchen door and Cubby through the French doors. Of course I had to go through the lecture from Mike, “You need to be careful! We’re getting older and you need to watch your every step!” I silently said to myself, “I refuse to walk with my head down.”

Pray More

The older I get, the more I pray. I believe this emphasis on prayer has increased because my only concern is to draw closer to Him. I have farther to go to get to where I should be spiritually, but whether I get there or not, I will never stop trying.

The Technology Challenge 

I still use my checkbook, not as often as before, but sometimes I need to pull it out for incidentals. Today’s technology is moving at a faster rate than I will ever be able to catch. I have hired a tech nerd to help me with my updates on this Blog. I would be lost without the help of this young man; I consider him a genius.  Thank you, Keaton, for working with me and solving all of my glitches.

There are so many things that I can’t seem to work out on simple apps. When I ask my daughter to help, she says ,”No!” Long ago she lost patience with my inability to comprehend anything that she has taught me several times.

Passwords are the worst, but I finally figured a secret way of keeping them handy. No, they’re not in my desk, but what I’m doing is working out so far. Sonja has the main passwords memorized, so when I forget, she reminds me.

What Seventy Really Feels Like

I’m a napper but, lately, my naps have become longer and much needed. We eat very early, sometimes as early as 4:30 p.m. I’m slowing down on my desire to shop and have taken a liking to online shopping. I find myself returning half of the purchases that I’ve ordered. My body has changed; now I’m in between sizes due to all the walking. I’ve lost several inches throughout my body, so now I really need to try clothes on.

I still love sweets and eat way too many carbs, but I have incorporated many fruits and vegetables into my daily diet. Every morning I wake up with a new pain – my back, legs cramps, my neck, my allergies. Poor Mike has put up with all my morning grumbling; after 50 years things have not changed in that department.

My Prayer

Dear Lord, I thank You for my good health. As I get older, give me a clear mind to be able to make the right decisions. Lord, may I always have You ever present in my life. Guide my every step, and keep me on the right path. Amen.


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