Skid Rowing in the City of Angels

Precious men from Skid Row

For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, “You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.”  (Deuteronomy 15:11)

Derrick, Derrick, me and Raymond, my new spiritual sons
Praying for Karen healing of lupus

How do people end up on Skid Row? For years I have asked many of the occupants this question. Studies validate the fact that a large portion of population of the homeless are mentally inept to function in a normal environment. Drugs are the coping antidote, and we all know that it leads to addiction. The Devil is rampant on Skid Row, people not starving for food, but for a purpose of finding who they are. Sadly, when you end up here, you believe that this is your lot in life. There are plenty of programs that offer help, but when you fall deep into the abyss of helplessness, you believe the lie. When we pray for the people on Skid Row it is always to remind them that even in the most desperate of situations, God is in there, in the midst of them.

This week we were welcomed with great affirmation, with many of the homeless wanting prayer. Through the deplorable conditions, the rubble of trash, rises a small ray of hope. If we just reach one hurting soul, to pull him or her out of his or her desperation, it is well worth the effort, because as St. Teresa of Calcutta said, “if there is breath, there is life.”

God always protects us and uses us as his instruments of love. If your senses can get through all the jungle of smells, flies and unfathomable conditions, then you will make a difference in others people’s lives on Skid Row.

Bandit, freshly groomed and his proud owner
Hollywood Mobile Grooming

The streets that we normally walk were completely impassable due to tents and other debris, so we changed our route and headed west toward San Julian Park. As we walked down Wall Street we discovered an amazing sight. Hollywood Mobile Grooming set up several vehicles offering free dog grooming services  for the homeless people’s pets. In the past years there has been a great increase in population of dogs as companions for the homeless. The pet owners  formed a line with their anxious Heinz 57 variety, of either Chihuahua mix or pit bull mix, with the dogs having a spa day. A dog changes the heart of a homeless person by offering unconditional love, and adds a sense of responsibility. Great is your reward Hollywood Mobile Grooming, thank you for providing wonderful services.

Maddie, Will, (center) with Logan and Reagan

This was a busy week. I had two of grandkids staying with us since Thursday, which means cooking, packing lunches, and driving kids to and from school. At first Mike (husband) said he was going to help, but early on in the week he was invited to a business golf tournament in Phoenix, and that was the end of that. I was a one woman show, but with the grace of God all went well. Maddie and Will and their friends even helped with making the sandwiches.

Robert and Jane ministering on Skid Row

I am part of a team of dedicated servants of Christ. Jane, Robert, John and Gary we are regulars with this ministry, and together we share the love of Christ to those who want to hear, and to those that do not, a silent prayer is said on their behalf.

This is the first week of Advent, so we are to reflect deeply inward in our spirit and ask God to guide us into this holy season of Christmas. Please join us in taking a few minutes of your day to pray for Karen, who is suffering from advanced lupus; and for Derrick, Derrick, and Raymond. They too are seeking God.

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