Wailing Wall

Pater Noster

Our day stared with a brisk walk from our hotel to the Pater Noster. This site is where Jesus taught his disciples the  “Our Father.” The Our Father prayer is displayed in many different languages throughout the complex.

We had our hearts set on going to the Wailing Wall. We started at the Damascus Gate only to be turned away. Something is not right in Jerusalem, because the presence of police and military is everywhere and there is a lot of tension, more than I have ever experienced. The New Gate was completely  barricaded and we had to climb over one of the barriers, I am not a hurdler, and for a second I thought I could crawl through one of the openings,  I got a good laugh out of my friends. After witnessing two nuns climb over, I did the same, but with a little more drama. The Jaffa Gate was ridiculous, and when we asked the police what was going on, no answer, no explanation, “just go!”

The Zion Gate gives access to the Wailing Wall, but again the fully armed police and army personnel were guarding the entrance. We waited there for a half an hour when suddenly we were allowed in, but only to be turned away. In our last effort we walked to the Dung Gate, where finally we made it in. The Dung Gate is the only gate with airport-type security, and it has been like this for as long as I can remember.

The Wailing Wall
Your prayer request

To our surprise, the Wailing Wall/Western Wall was empty and for the first time in years, we were able to pray without disturbance. For an one and a half hours, Jane and I interceded for many. I stuffed the rest of the prayers into the  crevices of the wall. A cool breeze and birds singing were a sign of God’s presence. There are no trees here; the birds nest in foliage like weeds high above the cracks of the wall. The songs of the feathered creatures sounded like they were praising God.

The Western Wall is the only part of the Second Temple that was not destroyed, and is sacred to both Jews and Christians alike. The Western Wall was closest to the Holy of Holies and the Divine presence of God has never departed.

The stone where Jesus wept in the Garden of Gathsemine

We made our way back to the Via Dolorosa  and had the best shawarma. From there we walked to the Garden of  Gethsemane, and it too was empty. We had it all to ourselves and took our time praying.

The Upper Room

It was a day of uphill struggles, and three hours to get to the Wailing Wall, but we persevered. With all the commotion on the outside of the walls, the Holy sites were unscathed and perfect for spending time with God. The Upper Room, where Jesus had the Last Supper, and washed  the disciples’s feet, and where the power of the Holy Spirit came down on Pentecost, had few visitors; again we had it to ourselves and prayed.

Indeed He has risen! Have a Blessed Easter!

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